My feelings of kpop girl group concepts

Long ago, i was introduced to kpop and as i learned more about kpop, i learned about various types of concepts that i like and don’t like. Concepts are the most important parts of a kpop group.

Cute Concepts

I'm not the biggest fan of cute concepts but this was the concept that brought attention to places such as japan, china, and korea. Most cute concept groups like ‘Twice’, were able to gain popularity in these different areas.

Girl crush

I really like girl crush and this is because it’s very unlike other concepts and is pretty unique. The outfits and designs created for girl crush concept groups are creative and have fashion. Girl crush has a bigger chance of gaining popularity because it’s not like any other concept but very unique - this would include ‘Blackpink’. These girl crush concepts work well in america and pretty much worldwide.


The beginning of kpop girl groups were known for their disco and retro themes. It’s the balance between cute and disco so it’s very popular. This was well known for the group ‘Wonder Girls’ and were the first kpop girl group to hit the billboards.


The fantasy concept is a lighter version of cute concepts. They don’t go for straight up cute but more of a fairytale concept which turns out to be other concepts. Groups like ‘IZ*ONE’ have a very similar style to this. As well as cute concepts, this concept catches the attention of mostly japan and korea.


The halloween concept was dominated by the SM Entertainment five member girl group, Red Velvet. No other group was able to show the dark side of Kpop like ‘Red Velvet’. Their songs really stand out from the crowd. However, these halloween concepts aren’t the most popular in a lot of areas.